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(updated 10-26-12)-
Racing for the season is complete.
We would like to thank those that supported our racing efforts during the 2012 racing season at OTR Speedway. It was a strong start but a rough finish as car counts dropped off after mid-summer. No doubt that the economy and sporting schedules played a part in the decline. We are optimistic for the future of the facility but due to this years decline in car counts we will be re-evaluating our racing schedule for next years outdoor season. We will most likely move to a special events only racing schedule which will plan events once or twice a month well in advance to allow our racers to plan ahead as well as save traveling expenses. Once again thank you for your support throughout the last several years and we hope to see you at the track next spring!

Indoor Racing has taken a turn!

Due to the falling interest of indoor 1/18th scale racing we have been forced to look in a different direction this winter season. That turn in the track is from R/C to 1/32 and 1/64 slot cars at the indoor track. We are not looking to go away from R/C by any measure but are giving a change of pace a try. We currently have enough track for a large 4-lane HO layout and are going to be purchasing a 4-lane 1/32 slot track in the very near future. We have consulted with our local hobby shop about the move and there are some good points to this effort. Cars and equipment are much more affordable and the cost to new racers is significantly lower than R/C in any scale. Plus we are hoping that some cross promotion to a different hobby community might strengthen both areas which would be beneficial to all involved. If you have any interest in racing slot cars feel free to contact us at any time. This effort will be on a very basic level so we don't plan to form any sort of league or points based system at this time. This will simply be for some great fun and entertainment throughout the winter months! Since the 2 4-lane layouts will be built in the basement the current oval track while not gone; will not be in service. Pictures of the layouts will be posted once everything is setup and operational.

Pictured here is the heart of the OTR Speedway "Hobby Lounge" located in downtown Waverly, NY. This part of our workshop is where we service vehicles, build new radio controller projects, and work on our track website. As you can see we are dedicated to the hobby and put in a lot of hours at the workbench. If anything radio controlled can be taken from drawing to reality it happens right here in our hobby lounge. In an adjoining room here we have an indoor paint booth and mechanical area along with more workspace for a charging & balancing batteries. No matter how much room we create we are always running out of space! So far the track and work area takes up all of the 975sq ft. that we have in the basement and we are ever remodeling the space. There have been numerous custom radio controlled builds that have taken place right here along with all of the custom oval cars that we build to race at the dirt oval. Some of those care are featured in the photo section of our website. Those custom radio controlled vehicles include 4x4 crawlers, snow plow trucks, stretched and extended Traxxas Stampede's and much more. There are some current custom projects on the work bench right now that will debut at the track in the future. The Hobby Lounge doesn't stop at just personal vehicle service and builds either. We are also a custom build shop for new and existing customers in the greater Valley area. If it is parts and accessories that you need we can help find what you are looking for. We already carry a line of Traxxas and Associated 1/10th scale
parts on the shop wall. And if it is nothing something we have in stock we can order parts overnight. We will also be carrying parts for the 1/18th radio controlled platforms that we will be racing on the indoor oval. These will include Losi and Associated parts and upgrades. Not only do we carry parts in stock but we will also be carrying other electronics including batteries, chargers, servo's, radios, and brushless motor systems. There are a lot of great affordable options out there and we do extensive testing with a lot of the import electronics and have prices very competetive with Tower Hobbies and Horizon Hobbies. We are not a large shop nor do we want to expand to a large hobby shop but we look to serve the needs of the greater valley area when it comes to radio controlled vehicles. Another service that we provide is custom paint jobs, vinyl work and scale builds. We currently build custom 1/10th sprint cars, EDM's, and can put together just about anything you can put your mind to. We have years of experience with just about any scale of R/C and have a fully capable graphics software capable of putting anything from pictures to logos on your R/C body. We can also help you with making the right decisions when it comes to electronics setup, radio and speed control setup, and finding out what equipment you need to get to start off your R/C hobby in the right direction. We offer competitive pricing, factory backed manufacturer support, and a scope of knowledge that comes from years of hobby experience. Big or small every hobby enthusiast is very important to us here at the OTR Speedway & Hobby Lounge. We will always try to help new racers grown into our great hobby and sport. Our goal isn't to get rich; it is to have parts on the shelf, help on the line, and service that is second to none. If you have any questions about the hobby or costs associated please feel free to contact us and we will help in any way that we can. We appreciate all of the support from fellow racers and look forward to providing the greater Valley area with a place to buy parts, find support, and to meet people interested in the hobby and sport of Radio Controlled Models!!!

After 8 great rounds of racing action we head into the fall stretch full speed ahead! We have brought in another 6 tons of surface material and finished the resurface of the racetrack in turns 3 and 4. The overall surface is much smoother and we will work to keep fine tuning as the season progresses. Soft mini-pins are the tire of choice and so far there has been very little tire wear issues. An added benefit of the new clay has been very little race day track re-work. This has been great help in moving the racing program along with the solid field of drivers that has been attending this season. We appreciate all of the support and look forward to continually improving the racing surface and facility.

A round of short course trucks ready to race.

Turtle's Toys & Hobbies is on site and racing today.

First Round of Electric Sprints on the Grid!

Here are some pics from the last round of racing action!

I think Scott spotted the camera man on this shot!

Here is one BUSY racer at the track. He's currently fielding 10 cars for 3 drivers!

Here's some driver's during a practice session.

Here is some racing action during practice between some short course truck drivers. Short course trucks started to gain popularity almost 5 years ago now and have become a huge hit across the country at tracks everywhere. We always have a large turnout of these trucks every race day. For this class we run 5 minute heats and mains instead of 4 minutes just because our racers cannot get enough! this is a great class to start beginners out in as the platforms are very durable. Almost every manufacturer of R/C vehicles out there has a 2WD SC platform including Traxxas, Losi, Associated, Duratrax, and OFNA. Parts are also available almost everywhere.

Racing action so far this season has been really good and the class turnout has been outstanding. We have been racing 4 regular classes including Nitro and Electric EDM's, Electric Sprints, and Electric 2WD Short Course trucks. We have been averaging over 40 entries for our first few race days and look to continue building on that as the season progresses. The new track surface has been holding up extremely well and is start to pack in nicely as the small amount of sand works it's way out of the clay. Tire choice remains to be a smaller style pin like a Proline Holeshot or Bowtie. Several variations of Losi and Panther tires work great as well. We will be bringing in more of the same material in a few weeks to fine tune the surface and for the first time we have a mix that stays hard packed and smooth throughout the race day.
Racing Classes at the OTR Speedway include Nitro and Electric EDM's or Eastern Dirt Modified as they are called at the full scale racetracks. Here is an example of an electric EDM that is raced here at the track. It is a truck based chassis with a custom built body made out of .030" lexan. 4-40 nylon nuts and bolts are used to bolt several sections together. There is also a lot of customization involved to get the body and mounts to fit the body to the chassis. This happens to be a Traxxas based conversion but several other manufacturers truck kits will work.


It has been a short winter with very little snow and that means an early jump on Spring! The track and surrounding grounds have taken winter very well and we have already started to make preparations for racing this season. If everything goes as plans we will be holding an open practice day next Sunday, May 6th if the weather cooperates. We have new surface material arriving this weekend and hope to have the track ready by next weekend. Some things to look forward to include night racing again this season once the weather warms up. Classes for this year remain unchanged as we will be racing SC trucks, EDM's, Sprints, and Nitro EDM's. We really look forward to making up for lost time and getting in racing at every chance we get! We look forward to seeing everyone and will try to keep the contacts updated as to our racing activities. Hope to see everyone at the track!

Round #2, Heat Race, 2WD Short Course trucks

OTR Speedway is a non profit R/C organization that strives to create a fun filled family environment to enjoy our hobby. We created this facility to bring together friends and family in order to enjoy our sport and to meet new people. While we may not have the latest in equipment we do our best to provide a fun safe track on race day. We operate using AMB Timing and Scoring with house transponders provided and charge a $5.00 entry fee for multiple classes. (Children 18 & under always race for free). We provide limited pit tables and have A/C available and have on site rest rooms. There is plenty of room for parking and all we ask is that you take care of the race track grounds. The track opens at 12:30pm for practice and heats start at 2:00pm on race days. We appreciate the support over the years and look forward to another great year of racing!

This is a website dedicated to the sport of R/C cars, trucks, and dirt oval racing. If you have one R/C vehicle or many you'll find that building and racing them against others can be a blast! At OTR Speedway it is our goal to promote a fun-filled environment for dirt-oval racing. At OTR Speedway our track motto is:

"Dirt is for Racing, Asphalt is for getting there."

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